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“Thankful – Mr. Rahmanou is an amazing person. He walked me through the entire process step by step, and I was pleased that I had someone like Mr. Rahmanou on my side. Mr. Rahmanou is very smart and intelligent. I highly recommend Mr. Rahmanou on a professional and ethical level. I could not have expected better results. Thanks again for all your help!!!” – Nate K (Review From Avvo)

Highly recommend – Michael Rahmanou is an amazing attorney. He was very helpful, patient, and informative. I highly recommend others to use his services.” – Alyssa (Review From Avvo)

“I would recommend others to use Michael Rahmanou’s (Rahm Law Group, APC) services because they really care for your recovery and handle everything nicely. I’m really pleased and satisfied with the service I was provided.” – Mia (Review From Avvo)

Thankful – Highly satisfied with my experience. I want to thank Michael for helping my family and I with our case. He is definitely a great, caring attorney, and I certainly recommend anyone to his service.” – Priscilla

Incredibly Professional, Especially Effective – I never needed an attorney until recently, and through my mom, I found Michael. He took my case and was an incredibly helpful buffer against all of the difficulties of navigating a post-collision recovery. His knowledge of law is vast and his explanations relatable; no matter how complex the situation, he explained things simply and in easily understood ways. Michael is now my go-to-guy for any legal question I have and my point of contact for attorneys that cover other areas of law as well.” – Mark

Helped me keep my job – I hired Michael to help me out with a dumb mistake that I committed. Michael helped me to get the charges to the most minimal [so they could not] affect my future opportunity; therefore, I am forever thankful for Michael for explaining to the City attorney and judge that my one mistake was just a mistake.” – Christopher Angel R.

Most Amazing Attorney – Attorney Michael Rahmanou is worthy of a 5 Star review. He is a caring and hardworking attorney who kept me well informed and knowledgeable of my responsibilities as his client.” – Sheila

Knowledgeable and pleasant – I gave Mr. Rahmanou five stars because he took the time and answered my question in great detail. He was very patient and kind. He made sure I understand what’s going on and what I need to do.” – Sara